GAST Clearwater diventa VVater: Un’azienda di trattamento dell’acqua di nuova generazione

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A Fully Autonomous Plug-and-Play Machine Capable of Cleaning 100,000 Gallons per Day

VVater, a U.S.-based, next-generation water treatment company that aims to provide Water for Humankind with a cornerstone of sustainability and a promise of a better, healthier tomorrow, announced today the official public release of its fully autonomous, plug-and-play, next-generation mobile water treatment machine called MDP100 – ALPHA. (Mobile | Discharge | Potable | 100,000 gallons)

This range of machines are custom-built, next-generation 53-ft. mobile trailers that can be hauled anywhere at the drop of a hat; the MDP100 ALPHA Unit is not only the first of its kind but an industry marvel. Aside from its ability to travel to secluded communities, any municipality, county, property development, or rapid military deployment and transform discharge water into clean, potable drinking water, the ALPHA Unit does so cost-effectively and sustainably. That means zero chemicals, biologicals, filters, or membranes are required, making it cost-efficient while powered by VVater’s state-of-the-art Farady Reactors that also destroy PFAS contaminants.

The ALPHA platform has already been slated as an industry-changing solution for numerous verticals, from municipal wastewater treatment, discharge water treatment, food & beverage, produced water treatment, industrial process water treatment, PFAS treatment, and countless others due to its rapid deployment abilities, its plug-and-play capabilities, and significant cost efficiencies, while doing so without chemicals, biologicals, membranes or filters.

“We are on a mission to save lives by removing and not utilizing carcinogenic, health-detrimental membranes, filters, and chemicals like fluoride to treat water. It is our responsibility, not for ourselves but for our children and their children, to protect the single life-giving source of proper clean water that nourishes and keeps us alive with healthy minerals, salts, and other great benefits, in a sustainable and cost-efficient way. The ALPHA Platform does precisely that; it’s highly scalable and can handle various feedstock waters, making it versatile and adaptable to multiple scenarios. We see that numerous property developers are struggling with water permits due to a lack of infrastructure or current municipalities at capacity with no budget to increase their current infrastructure to even Department of Defence solutions for the ALPHA Platform…,” said Mr. Kevin Gast, Chairman & CEO of VVater.

VVater management has stated that the ALPHA Unit will go into large-scale production starting in 2024 at its manufacturing facilities in Austin, TX, USA, due to the significant global demand even before its official launch.

“It is humbling and sobering to see the significant demand and buzz ALPHA has already created even before its official launch today. This is a testament to the industry shifting from legacy water solutions to a more sustainable, cost-efficient, and healthier option like ALPHA. I think the large volume-to-footprint ratio is a game changer. The machine is amazing to see work, taking contaminated water and turning it into pure, clean drinking water, all in a 53-ft. platform on wheels. The RV-style plug-and-play electrical connection system is so easy and fast, and having the autonomy of AI is amazing,” said Mike McClure, VP of Sales for North America.

VVater is a U.S.-based, next-generation water treatment company that aims to provide Water for Humankind with a cornerstone of sustainability and a promise of a better, healthier tomorrow — servicing various industries and markets around the world, from real estate, wastewater treatment, municipal potable water, and multiple others, in particular, focusing on the recovering and recycling of different waters in a centralized or decentralized way. The company also does artificial beaches, urban lagoons, wave pools, surf parks, aquatics, sewage treatment, wastewater, and drinking water.